TDR Feedback Compressor II

TDR Feedback Compressor II is almost too good to be free.

TDR Feedback Compressor is not an analog emulation, like so many other compressors out there. It’s a proud digital unit with some powerful next generation features.

Most modern compressors analyze the input signal to control gain reduction. This is known as a “feed-forward” topology. The TDR Feedback Compressor II, however, analyzes the output. This approach delivers unobtrusive and highly musical compression characteristics which mean the compressor is able to handle complex signals with ease.

TDR Feedback Compressor II

TDR Feedback Compressor II

TDR Feedback Compressor 2 offers some really cool features. One is the delta mode, which allows you to preview the difference between the compressed and original signals. Extremely handy. The independent release controls for Peak and RMS compression are also great to have. They make this compressor plugin really versatile.

The plugin fully supports 64-bit operation and is made to match the highest standards in every way.

The manual is good and because of the unusual feature set, you should really read it before using this plugin. But once you grasp the power this plugin offers, you will surely keep coming back to it.

TDR Feedback Compressor II is a highly competent compressor plugin and can stand proudly head to head with it’s paid alternatives.

TDR Feedback Compressor II is available for free in Mac AU, Mac VST and Windows VST formats.

Download here

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